Charity partnerships | Campus Living Villages

Though we strive to look beyond our own sector, the causes that are particularly close to our hearts are those that affect our residents and staff, including poor mental health and access to higher education for those in need. These are just a couple of the areas where we will strive to focus our efforts in future.

Here, we’ve detailed some of the charity partnerships and campaigns we’ve been very proud of over the years.

Rethink Mental Illness

We originally partnered with Rethink back and with their help, we’re learning more about mental health awareness, changing attitudes and how we can make a difference to the lives of our residents too.

We’ve worked with this incredible charity on revamping parts of our Village Life programmes and we also signed their Time to Change pledge, committing to creating a more mentally healthy environment for students and staff.

Rethink even supported us in hosting our Mental Health Roundtable, when universities and students came together to create tangible solutions for poor mental health.

Find out more about our partnership and our student mental health research.

Consider the environmental impact of all our construction and operational activities, and use natural resources sustainably.

Ethics and Governance
Be a value-driven organisation when carrying out all our daily operations and delivering our wider projects.

Invest in the communities where we build and operate our villages, in a way that supports equal opportunity and economic growth.

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