Frequently asked questions – Goldsmiths

What is the Goldsmiths Student Village?

Goldsmiths Student Village is made up of three student halls of residence in the New Cross and Brockley area: Chesterman House, Raymont Hall and Surrey House and Annexe.

How do I apply for accommodation in Chesterman House, Raymont Hall or Surrey House and Surrey House Annexe?

Applications for accommodation in the Goldsmiths Student Village are made via the Goldsmiths, Universtity of London website.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. If you are made an offer of accommodation at Goldsmiths Student Village, please take time to read the contract and Village Rules prior to accepting the offer.

Will I need a guarantor?

Yes, if you are made an offer of accommodation at one of the Goldsmiths Student Village halls, you will need to provide a guarantor. As part of the booking process, you will be asked to provide your guarantor’s contact details including email address, home address and telephone number before you can accept your offer. Your guarantor will subsequently receive an email with a link to the Guarantor Agreement page.

What can I do if I don’t have a guarantor and I am offered accommodation with Goldsmiths Student Village?

If you have made an offer of accommodation within a Goldsmiths Student Village hall, then please contact us directly prior to accepting your offer.

When can I move in?

You will be able to move in from the first intake day which we will email you nearer the time, so keep an eye out for this information.

When are my fees due?

Generally, fees are due termly, however full payment plan options will be provided if you receive an offer of accommodation. The 2019/20 intalment dates are due on:

  • 7th October 2019
  • 13th January 2020
  • 27th April 2020

Will I need to move out over Christmas and Easter?

Your contract will include the Christmas and Easter holidays. There is no need to move out and vacate your room at Christmas or Easter.

What facilities does the accommodation offer?

Students at Chesterman House will benefit from two indoor social areas and a courtyard.

Students in Surrey House and Surrey House Annexe will have access to the Orangery.

Students in Raymont Hall will have access to a social/ study room. Landscaping in the hall’s garden should be completed by late 2017/early 2018.

What happens if I leave the accommodation before the contract has ended/Can I leave my room before the end of the contract?

Contracts are for a minimum of 42 weeks for undergraduate students or 51 weeks for postgraduate students and if you leave early you will still be liable for the full term of the contract. It may be possible to release you from your contract if you are able to find a suitable replacement for your room or if you withdraw from your course. Please contact Goldsmiths Accommodation Services on for more information.

What security is available at the accommodation?

Students at the Goldsmiths Student Village have access to staff and security. Security at Chesterman and Surrey House and Surrey House Annexe is roaming between the two halls while Raymont Hall has a static security presence.

Is it possible to change rooms if I am not happy?

Room allocations are managed by Goldsmiths Accommodation Services. Students can apply to move rooms from the start of term. However, applications for room moves are generally not looked at until week five of the autumn term (around the beginning of November). This is so any vacancies can be used immediately for those applicants still on the waiting list to get a place in halls and it also gives students a chance to settle in to their new surroundings. Application forms are available from Loring Management Centre or on request by email. If we can offer you an alternative room, and you do move, please be aware that an £50 administration fee will be payable in advance. Students moving to a more expensive hall will need to pay the outstanding difference in rent prior to moving rooms.

Please note, students who have outstanding hall fees at the time of applying for a room swap will not be considered until they have spoken with the Campus Living Village team and made arrangements to pay outstanding sums. Please contact Goldsmiths Accommodation Services on for more information on the process.

I am an undergraduate student, can I stay in my room over the summer period?

You may be able to extend your stay over the summer period dependant on availability. Come speak to one of our staff members on site who will be happy to help you.

Am I allowed an overnight guest?

While Village management do not encourage overnight guests it is understood that on occasion this will occur. Residents are permitted to have adult guests for short periods of time with the approval of the other residents of the flat. Extended visits are not permitted and residents must not in any circumstances allow any other person to reside in their room or the flat common areas. All guests need to be signed in.

Who is responsible for cleaning?

You will be expected to clean your bedroom and the communal areas of your flat. We would suggest you create a cleaning rota with your flatmates when you arrive. Housekeeping operate across all three sites and are responsible for ensuring public communal areas are clean. Monthly kitchen inspection are carried out by Campus Living Villages management.

What can I do if I lose my fob?

Your fob will give you access to the main entrance, your flat, the laundry and communal spaces. If you lose your fob, please contact your hall office or security. Please note you will be charged for replacement fobs, with no refunds given if old fobs are found. The cost is £5.00.

Does the Village run social events for residents?

Yes. We’ve created Village Life, a programme packed with events and activities that will help you settle in and meet new friends. Welcome BBQs, retro games nights, cookery demos and more: we have a variety of events taking place which appeal to as many of our residents as possible.

Do I need to pay Council Tax?

Great news… in the UK, students are currently exempt from Council Tax so that’s one less cost to worry about. That said, if you finish your time as a student and don’t immediately leave, you will be liable for Council Tax if it becomes due. Read more here.

Am I allowed to bring a television for my room?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to bring your own television. Don’t forget that you’ll need to buy your own television license, so have a quick read of the information here first. There are no aerial ports in our rooms so it’s worth checking that you can receive a good reception before buying your licence and installing your TV. That way, you won’t be out of pocket if you find that you’re unhappy with the quality of the picture.

Can I bring a pet?

As much as we love cuddly, furry animals, there’s a strict ‘no pets’ policy at all our villages at the moment. This includes every type of pet, from goldfish and birds to cats and dogs. This excludes guide or hearing dogs.

How is living with us different to private housing?

Private housing is great if you want to pay extra bills on top of your rent and if you enjoy the pressure of dealing with household issues without any support. Life in our villages is far more fun, less stressful and has greater benefits for your studies. We offer an independent living experience in affordable accommodation, just minutes away from classes, at one inclusive rate! At the same time, we ensure support is available 24 hours a day and offer a fantastic social programme so you’re never bored or lonely. You get the freedom to live your life within an exciting student community at a budget that suits your needs. What could possibly beat that?