One in three students stay at uni to work over Christmas

Shelby Wilde - 22 December 2017

Almost three quarters of a million are likely to stay put over the holidays, according to new research we’ve carried out. A third of our students who live in our villages (33%) plan to remain over the holidays due to academic requirements such as placements and deadlines. Other reasons not to leave include the expensive cost of travel to their home abroad (16%), and living too far away in the UK to travel home as it takes too long (9%).

Some students are staying for more positive reasons. Almost one in five (18%) say they want to spend the holidays exploring their city/town, and one in eight (13%) want to spend the holidays with friends from university.

Whether remaining at university or heading home, the majority plan to spend the holidays studying. More than two thirds (68%) say they will be doing university work, while 12% plan to do work experience. However, it’s not all work and no play – other popular pastimes include attending events like the Christmas markets or ice skating around their city or town (38%), shopping at the Boxing Day sales (28%) and some doing worthwhile volunteering (8%).

Just to let you know…

We provide social events at many of villages throughout the academic year through our Village Life programme. You can check the events on offer via our Village Guide. Village Life is about more than just free food and movie marathons.

If you are staying over the Christmas and New Year period, remember that this is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make new friends and can get a head start on that studying and revision for the January exams.Thank you to the 117 residents who took part.

Wishing you all a happy holidays!