Student mental health and wellbeing

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How Village Life plays its part

Our Village Life activities are ever-changing, dependant on the needs and wants of our residents.

It’s a well-known fact that animals can help to reduce symptoms of poor mental health, such as anxiety and stress, so we partnered with Guide Dogs UK to arrange countrywide village visits from their talented, furry friends.

How we’re working together

We started with our staff. Not just because we need them to support our students, but because we strive to provide a happy, healthy workplace.

At Campus Living Villages, every member of our team is given the opportunity to blow off some steam and spend two days working with a charity of their choice, on top of their annual leave.

In 2017, we also teamed up with RMI to train our staff as Mental Health First Aiders, so they can assist both their colleagues and their residents when they spot problematic behaviour and encourage that person to ask for help.

Find out more about our First Aiders initiative.

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