Student finance

Due to our extensive research and focus on student mental health, we are all too aware of the connection between financial stress and poor mental wellbeing. In fact, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has found that people with mental health issues are three times as likely to be in problem debt.


Throughout your time at university

Simply preparing a student for money management will never be enough, as potential issues could occur at any time. We want to keep reiterating and refreshing our support system while our students are at university, so you are – wherever possible – never taken by surprise.

When you need help

For one reason or another, some students could still end up in financial difficulty and taking a proactive approach to money management advice might be forgotten with other factors affecting their lives. For this reason, we will always provide any additional care we can, when our tenants find themselves struggling.


We understand that juggling finances and making ends meet can be difficult and that this can prevent some of our residents from achieving their academic goals. So we’ve collated some Top tips for managing your finances with advice and guidance on managing money.

Before you move in

We hope to reach a stage where we are proactively helping to prevent debt, rather than supporting students who are already in a bad place financially – and potentially mentally – as a result. We have created a series of blogs to provide students with some handy tips on how to manage their money wisely.

Three expert tips for student budgeting

We understand that many students find it hard to budget. So we’ve paired up with some of the best financial bloggers around, so they could share their tips on student budgeting and how to manage money at university.

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How to make money as a student

We know that saving money at university can be a big struggle for many students. We’ve partnered with some talented finance bloggers to collate the the best advice on ways to make money as a student.

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Ways to save money as a student

To make sure they cover their rent, bills and textbooks etc., many students have to make some major cutbacks in their spending. We’ve partnered with some talented finance bloggers to bring the best ways to save money.

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Fun part time jobs for students

Part-time jobs shouldn’t make anyone’s time at uni harder, nor should they take away from the fun of being a student. We’ve collaborated with the job specialists for some advice on finding fun student jobs.

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