The types of people you will meet at uni

Here are some of the types of people you will almost definitely have the joys of meeting when you come to university…

The mum

Whether it’s paracetamol, tissues or hand gel, they always have it to hand. They will take you home after a messy night out and make sure you make it to your 9am lecture the next day. Keep this person all year round, they are good to have around and you will definitely need them!

The borrower

The person that comes to uni with nothing and always needs to borrow everything and anything; a fork, milk, a pair of socks… they have no shame in asking. You might find they soon disappear for periods after they have got what they wanted and then reappear when they realised they have forgotten something else.


The cheapskate

The cheapskate and the borrower are literally partners in crime, they refuse to spend a penny unless there is a 20% student discount involved and they never pay you back for that drink or Uber ride that they promised and leave you to pay the rest.


The workaholic

This person always seems to be up to their eyeballs in work, typing away at the keyboard and their head in a book. For that reason, you often don’t see this person and when you do it’s because they tell you how tired they are and how much work they have to do, which means they never have time to hang out socially.


The procrastinator

No one even knows how they got to uni or if they are still even on your course. They turn up to the first two lectures and haven’t even started the essay that’s due in by 5pm that night. They are always putting off starting anything. One thing they are known for though is napping!

The lad

He is always up for a good time and always makes time for a cheeky Nando’s and a gym session. They will talk about biceps and how much they can lift. This person is always first on the dance floor and last to leave.


The neat freak

“Whose stuff is this?” and “Please can you move it?” are the most common phrases you will hear around a neat freak, however they can be your best friend or worst enemy. They will drive you mad with the constant moaning about all things neat, however you will thank them for their constant cleaning and tidying! Especially when your kitchen doesn’t smell like out of date food.


The hermit

You think you have five roommates, but you’re unsure as you haven’t seen one of them for several days. However, you’re sure you have heard a bedroom door close or saw an extra cup on the side in the kitchen… This person isn’t the best company, but at least they don’t take up much room in the fridge.


The person that is known by everyone

This person knows everyone and everything you can’t walk down the street without stopping to talk to all of their mates. Everyone knows their name and they are one of the universities celebrities. They are a true legend; stick with them if you want to be well known!

The fake friend

They are your best friend during Fresher’s week and then you never hear from them again after that. On their social media, there’s a new friend popping up every week and they love a good gossip!


The hottie

A beautiful stranger that you just happen to catch the eye of everywhere you go. No matter what time of day it is, even if its 3am in the SU, they still look as good as before the night out.


The note writer

You’ll have at least one flat mate who communicates through post it notes, usually with passive aggressive tone, that can be found all over the kitchen. For example: You have left the milk out! I know this plate and cup belongs to you! Did you miss the bin with that tissue? Are we collecting beer bottles now?

The notes go on and on. They know what belongs to you and they see everything!