Things you should do before you leave university

Given the eye-watering hard work you have put in to attend university, you may as well make the most of your time there.

Many graduates still look back on their time at university as the most enjoyable yet challenging period of their lives.

Hopefully the end result will be a decent degree that serves you well later on in life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the freedom that comes with a uni lifestyle while you’ve got it.

Some people still have regrets from their student years, and if they could do it again or offer advice to others who are about to start university, their tips might look a little like ours…

1. Join a sports team or society

You don’t even have to have played that particular sport before; university is full of different sports and opportunities to try something new. Sport doesn’t even have to be your thing, as there are plenty of clubs and societies to get involved with.

This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and people that share the similar interests as you. Most universities have an afternoon during the week dedicated to this.



2. Go travelling

There aren’t many opportunity for you to enjoy a three-month summer when you start the working life, so relish it while you can and go and see the world. Obviously still on a student budget! You can pick the cheapest countries (mainly around Eastern Europe) and go on an adventure while sticking to your budget!

3. Don’t feel the pressure to go on every night out

Don’t get into the habit of thinking you have to be on EVERY single night out in case something different happens and you miss out!

Spoiler alert – something different doesn’t happen, 99% of your nights out will be exactly the same. Don’t be scared to miss a few, you can easily catch up.

4. Put some money aside

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with any spare or extra cash as a student, once the bills have drained your bank account! Try and put a little bit away, even if that’s starting a loose change jar. Like they say, every penny counts!



5. Find an internship/ apprenticeship

Not only does it give your CV a nice little boost, it also helps shape what you are interested in providing a link to what you are studying, if it’s something you’re serious about pursuing a career in, there’s a good chance it’ll leave you more driven than ever.