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Welcome to Campus Living Villages. We’re specialists in student accommodation across the UK, and we pride ourselves on providing environments in which our residents can prosper; with our wonderfully unique Village Life events, so you can make the most of your educational adventure. We’re also very proud of our university collaboration model, with a total of 20 thriving partnerships in the UK. Explore our vibrant student communities and quality facilities, and let us help you to feel at home while you’re at university. Find out more about us today.

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Village Life

Our villages are not just villages by name,
they are true communities.

To facilitate this, we deliver our dedicated student experience programme Village Life throughout the year to ensure students make the most of their university experience.

“Interacting with the staff at Belgrave View has always been a pleasure. They’re friendly and always ready to help with any enquiries. The gym is also convenient as is close to my living space. “

Catherine, Belgrave View resident

“The 24/7 staff made me feel very safe and protected.”

Claudia, Surrey House resident

“The things that I liked most about living at Surrey House was the friendly, ambient, vibe around the site, and the professionalism/friendly approach and the general hard work that all the staff invested in making Surrey House a safe, peaceful home from home.”

Claudia, Surrey House resident