In our minds, there’s so much more to providing student accommodation than building four walls and adding a bed or two.

We are with our students every step of the way to give them the best experience possible, whether that means training our friendly village staff to provide mental health support and financial advice or developing the best residential life programme in the business (if we do say so ourselves!)

With 13,000 students in our care (in the UK alone!), we’ve made it our mission to build safe, sociable villages with a real sense of community – where our tenants can honestly say that they feel at home.

In short, we don’t want to be viewed as faceless, nameless landlords. We’d like our students to remember their uni experience for years to come, and think of us as a source of comfort and support during this exciting, challenging time.


Village Life

There’s a reason we never stop talking about our Village Life events. They’re our USP, the part of our offering which we’re most proud of and our favourite way to bring students together and introduce them to new people, skills and fun!

Our students and partners

Any number of factors can define our success, but we’ve always respected the need to understand our students and partners, which is integral to our business.

Short Stays

It would be a shame for our modern, stylish halls to go empty outside of their prior resident’s term time. Once we started thinking about this, Flexible Stays was born. Whether you’re taking a short-term course, embarking on the internship of a lifetime or you live at home and need faster access to the library for a couple of months, we’re sure we can help.

Go Explore

Travel broadens the mind! Since we have villages in some of the most coveted travel destinations across the globe, we use them to give each of our students a little gift outside of term time.

Mental health

We acknowledge the need for a better support system for students with mental health issues. Discover more about what we’re doing to help.

Financial wellbeing

At Campus Living Villages, we recognised that financial support is essential, and something we are bound to provide with 13,000 students living in our UK halls.