Residents in self-isolation

How to self-isolate safely on arrival to the UK:

Public Health England and Wales advice on self-isolating is as follows:

  • You must remain in your room. Do not go to work, University, or public areas for 14 days
  • While you are self-isolating, you should not use any communal areas in the building
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, each time using soap and water, or use hand sanitiser
  • If you develop symptoms, you should order a test,

Living in a flat with a shared kitchen? 

  • Do not use the kitchen outside of your allotted time, a kitchen rota will be in place 
  • Avoid the kitchen area if others are using it 
  • Chat to your flatmates via social media, or other messaging services to plan this 
  • Make sure you clean all surfaces and wash up dishes before leaving the shared kitchen. This is to keep everyone safe and reduce this risk of the virus spreading. 

Living in a flat with a shared bathroom? 

  • If you share a bathroom with your flatmates, it is important that you clean every surface you have come into contact with 
  • Chat to your flat mates via social media or other messaging services to set up a rota 
  • If your Village provides a cleaning service in the shared bathrooms, please do not enter when staff are present. 
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Make sure to clean all surfaces you have come into contact with.   Areas that are classed as high touch points, such as door handles, taps, toilet flushes should be cleaned regularly. 

General waste and recycling 

If you are self-isolating, you are required to dispose of waste in a specific way in order for us to be able to ensure it is treated in accordance with UK Government guidance. You should: 

  • place rubbish in a plastic bag, and tie it when full 
  • place the bag in a second bag 
  • store the closed bag for 72 hours in the same location (i.e. if rubbish is from within your room, do not move it to a communal area such as the kitchen or corridor)
  • after 72 hours, place the bag outside your main flat door for collection at the following time: 11am. Our staff will collect rubbish from outside self-isolating flats on a daily basis shortly after this time. 


To reduce the possibility of dispersing the virus through the air, please do not share any laundry with others e.g. kitchen towels. 

Unfortunately, the Village Team is  not able to assist you with laundry services during a period of self-isolation, but please let us know if you have any essential requirements. 

Food, other supplies and medication 

Your Village Team is there to support you should you need assistance with essential supply deliveries. You can contact them through the Customer Contact Village on 0161 850 6664 

Medicine deliveries  

If you need to arrange for a delivery for essential medicine, call us on 0161 850 6664 to advise of the expected delivery date and time. 

Grocery deliveries  

If you arrange a grocery delivery, we will be happy to deliver your order from reception to your flat door. We will only accept and deliver one grocery order to you per week. Please try to ensure you order everything you will need in one delivery.  

Takeaway deliveries  

To allow us to ensure your food is delivered to your flat door as quickly as possible, you will need to book a timeslot. Log in to the portal to arrange this

We will endeavour to deliver your order outside your flat door within 15 minutes of arrival to reception, however, we cannot guarantee this will happen nor take any responsibility for the delivery.  

Alternatively, if you have a friend who is a resident and not in a period of self-isolation, you can arrange for them to collect your takeaway order from our reception and leave outside your flat door. 

Parcel deliveries 

Your Village Team will leave parcels outside of your flat door within one hour of them being delivered to the reception. We will knock on the flat door to notify you that the delivery has been left for you, then wait (at a safe distance) to ensure you or one of your flatmates collects the item. If no-one answers the door, we will take the item back to reception and try again the following day. 

For more information on self-isolating in the village, visit the Keeping you Safe page.