Free apps for managing your mental health

Shelby Wilde - 8 May 2017

One in four students experience issues with their mental wellbeing, so it’s important to get support wherever you can.

Whilst our phones and social media apps are often blamed for our mental health struggles, they can also help keep mentally healthy. But how?!

They may not be able to fix your problems (if you’re experiencing intense or long-term issues always seek professional help first) but can help you to manage them. From needing a good night’s sleep to keeping anxious feelings at bay, there’s an app to help you.

If you’ve got troubles falling asleep:

Check out our tips on how to combat stress dreams. Also, check out Sleep Better (available to download on Apple and Android devices)

If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning, the app will help you wake up at your lowest level of sleep. You can also track things like your exercise, alcohol/caffeine consumption and stressful days. This will help you change up your evening routine to help you snooze better.

If you’re unsure what’s causing your mood changes:

Check out Moody Me (available to download on Apple devices)

Not feeling yourself lately? If you’ve been feeling down or irritated for no clear reason, Moody Me will help you figure out why and spot trends. You can also create a gallery of your happiest photos to help you when you’re not feeling your best.

If you need help managing your illness:

Check out Optimism (available to download on Apple devices)

If you’ve already sought help and are on your journey to recovery, Optimism can help you learn (and avoid) triggers and spot early on when you might not be doing so well.

If you need help keeping calm:

Check out Breathe2Relax (available to download on Apple and Android devices)

Find yourself in stressful situations or getting anxious during your day? Breathe2Relax can help you track your stress levels and guides you through quick breathing exercises to help you alleviate stress.

If you just need a bit of a break:

Check out Headspace (available to download on Apple and Android devices)

Sometimes uni, work and even socialising can just get a bit much. Constant distractions can make it hard for you to switch off too. Headspace teaches you how to meditate and helps you track your personal de-stressing progress.