Virtual Create Your Own Journal Workshop and Mindful Colouring

- Tue, 2 February, 18:00

Students can join us for a relaxing evening of creating their own journal with an array of materials provided. They can get creative and design a journal that inspires them. We will be listening to music, chatting, and sticking as we guide them through some thought-provoking prompts. Their journal is the perfect space to write down their thoughts, experiences, and observations. Students can then write in it daily or whenever they feel the need to.

12 students signed up to receive a supply pack with everything they needed to start their own journal. The zoom call had a relaxed and creative atmosphere with some students joining on their own or in their flats. Throughout the workshop, we made our way through a variety of exercises to get the students started with their journals and to allow them to explore different ways they can be used. Overall it was an enjoyable evening and hopefully the students continue to use their journals throughout the year.