Virtual Make your own Reed Diffusers

- Tue, 19 January, 0:00

The students will be provided with everything they will need to make their own diffuser, including an essential oil. The essential oils not only create a nice scent, but also have calming properties, so these are great for students to have in their rooms. We will also be decorating the glass container, which will be a nice way to make them unique to each person.

We had 25 sign ups who all received the materials to make their own reed diffuser.ย  15 of those students came on to find out how to put them together. I explained how to put it together as well as the benefits of some of the essential oils on overall wellbeing, as well as where to buy top ups from, and good combinations of essential oils to use depending on what the desired effect is. Students spoke about different approaches to making lockdown more fun, so it was a nice discussion and chance for them to share